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In-House Massage Therapists

A woman feeding an animal from her hand.

Jackie Perkins

I have been a massage therapist for 20+ years. I specialize in therapeutic, deep tissue, pregnancy, reflexology, and lymphatic drainage are the types of massages that I offer. Within all massages, I incorporate Reiki (Level 2). All my massages are a unique experience.

In-House Massage Therapist
LMT +10 years
(805) 551-6902

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Carrie Silverstein

I have been an experienced massage therapist for 10+ years. I specialize in therapeutic massage, firm Swedish, deep tissue, hot stones, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, and CBD massage. Every massage is individual and customized to each client’s specific needs.

In-House Massage Therapist
+10 years
(805) 433-3396

Recommended Sites and Resources

● Gentle Facial cleaner: Cetaphil gentle facial cleanser

● Hyaluronic and Peptide Serums: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum

● EGF Serum: Bioeffect EGF Serum

● Organic Facial Oils: Beauty by Earth,

● SPF44 Tinted Sunscreen Makeup: Elta MD Broad-spectrum SPF44

● Self-tanning Gel: AMAI Tan and Tonic Hydrating Sunless Gel

● Hyaluronic Acid: AMAI Exceller8 Reviving Hyaluronic Serum
(after 48 hours due to Vit C)

● Facial Serum – Ursa Major

Movies, Podcasts, Books, and Speakers

Dr. Joe Dispenza

We all have our own personal limits—whether they are related to our ability to create abundance in our life, our capacity to make some type of change in our health or our body, our inability to stop recreating the same outcomes, or just our ability to believe in ourselves. When we step beyond our limitations, we become more unlimited. Learn more from Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dr. Steven Greer

Steven M. Greer, MD, is the founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), The Orion Project, and Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC. His message is one of hope—that these energy systems can soon be available worldwide. His goal is to assist in the creation of a sustainable, peaceful civilization on Earth that is both high-tech and in harmony with the environment.

Lee Harris

Lee Harris is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive and Transformation teacher who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive and live a better life! Lee believes deeply in the power of our creativity for healing. He mentors creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs on how to bring their gifts and talents into the world via his free podcast and live training.

Joseph Antell