Acupuncture and Additional Treatment Fees


Acupuncture New Patient Consultation and Treatment

90 Minutes/2 Hours
Click on the link to find out more information on what to expect for your first appointment.


Acupuncture Treatment

60 Minutes/75 Minutes
*Extended time allows for modalities


MicroNeedling Facial Treatment

60 Minutes
Treatment includes Red Light therapy and Healy biofeedback.



75 Minutes/90 Minutes
*Initial Session 90 minutes


Special Packages

Acupuncture Packages

60 Minutes
Acupuncture - No cupping or moxa

AcuPack-4 $420
AcuPack-8 $800

Acupuncture Packages Extended Time

75 Minutes
Cupping, moxa, or extended time

AcuPack-4 $499
AcuPack-8 $899


60 Minutes
Treatments include Red Light therapy and Healy biofeedback.

MicroNeedling Pack-4 $1200


75 Minutes
*Does not include initial intake, $50 add-on

Hypno-AcuPack-4 $625

A La Carte


25 Minutes
Treatment includes cupping massage and foot reflexology.


Cupping with Foot Massage

40 Minutes
Treatment includes cupping and a foot massage.



25 Minutes
Click on the link to discover all the benefits and important information on reflexology treatment.



25 Minutes
Click on the link to discover all the benefits and important information on moxibustion treatment.


Consultation Only

30 Minutes/45 Minutes
(Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and/or Nutrition). *All paperwork needs to be submitted prior to the appointment date.


Add Ons

Crystal Singing Bowl Sessions

It’s believed that the use of these bowls can have a significant beneficial effect on the healing of your mind and body, especially when combined with energetic medicine like acupuncture.


Red Light Therapy

Treat both wrinkles and acne with one device.
868 Professional Grade LEDs


Healy BioFeedback Session

Healy is a small, portable quantum field micro-currency and resonant frequency unit that is reported to improve your health via frequency intention.



Produces the relaxation response, giving your body precisely what it needs to get back in balance and reverse the effect of stress on the body. BrainTap Technologies sessions guide the mind into a state of laser-like focus removing negative self-talk and achieve life goals.